quinta-feira, 13 de maio de 2010

I've been wondering

Should I or shouldn't I tell you how I feel about all this stuff going on? I mean, for you there's absolutely nothing happening, but my life changed a freaking lot since you appeared. I'm afraid that you'll stop talking to me if I tell you the truth, since you can't give me the attention I want you to. But I don't expect you to do something about it if I tell you, I don't expect you to change, I don't expect you to love me back, I just wanted to know how you feel about it, how you feel about me. If you consider me only a friend or if you want us to be something more, if you want me to back off or if you want to come closer.
Sometimes I feel like a freaking retarded and desperate person who only fell in love because of some stupid reason: boredom. Hell yeah, I am capable of loving whoever I choose to love. And I am capable of forgetting about who I want to forget and I don't know if that's a good skill or not, because it can really really confuse me, it's like I didn't know the difference betweenthe true love or the love I chose to feel.
But ok, enough with the drama, I'm going to tell you, you like it or not LOL and if you don't like it, than.... well, I am going to cry HAHAHAHA I think that telling you it's a great way to find out if I really love you or if it's just a crush (:


(post em inglês, é, deu vontade, não fiquem com raiva KKK mas é só jogar no ferramenta de idiomas do google que deve dá pra entender a idéia do texto)

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